Why three60?

A typical school has over 100 teachers, about 2,000 odd students, with double the number of parents tracking them, and nearly 500 periods in a day. Every bit of information is there - in people's minds, in loose sheets or in some file in some folder in some computer. Not exactly in a form that would enable you to take effective decisions or to have deep & meaningful conversations with parents, teachers and students. In addition, valuable time of the school staff is wasted in clerical tasks such as doing report card or tax calculations, computing attendance percentages etc.

The key to a School's success lies in the way it translates this information into insights into each individual's overall personality. three60 seamlessly integrates data from various sources about each individual and organises it in a centralised inter-connected database.

Since the data is transparently visible to all the stakeholders, students learn to take up greater responsibility of their own progress. Further the software sends automatic updates (over eMail/ SMS) on important events (for instance attendance slipping below a certain %). three60 also creates an online platform for the various stakeholders (peers/ parents/ teachers) to collaborate and contribute towards building a student's profile.

Since data for the entire school is archived into a central database, it opens up fantastic possibilities for analysing data across time, performing pattern analysis, predicting outcomes and for goal-setting.

Five Reasons to take up three60 :

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