Choose three60 for a complete 360° view of each student

Your school has lots & lots of data for each student : in attendance registers/ in report cards/ in emails & in people’s minds. But how much of it is readily available to you in a crisp format when you sit down to discuss about a child ?

If the answer is “hardly any”, then what your school needs is three60…

three60 is a School ERP software which collates information (from across academic, extra-curricular, administrative and financial areas) for each individual and presents it on a single page. Thus giving you a 360º view of each student : enabling you to develop valuable insights into their overall personality and potential.

No wonder three60 is being used today by some of the best schools across the country.

What is three60 ?

three60 is a School ERP software which automates & streamlines key academic, administrative and financial processes of a school. Everyone involved in the school process benefits from enhanced productivity, improved communications, powerful analytical capabilities and insightful reports.

A three60 degree view of each Student

Tune into this talk to see how our ERP Software can help you develop a complete three60 degree view of each Student.
This talk was delivered at the FuturEd 2020 Conference in Riverside School, Ahmedabad.

Seven reasons you will love three60!

All throughout our journey, we have heard more than 360 reasons from our clients why they love three60. Here are just the top seven!

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