Multi- school/board/location architecture

three60 seamlessly supports a wide range of setup scenarios ranging from small schools to a worldwide distributed chain of schools.

Supports Multiple Languages

Hindi/ vernacular teachers can easily author content (homework/ online questions/ report cards/ circulars etc) in the software.

Audit Logs

All editings/ deletions in the software are closely tracked.

Deviation Report

Data that differs from the historical average is highlighted separately.

User Friendly

User friendly front-ends for authoring complex mathematical equations.

Mobile Connectivity

Even when on the move, you can keep a tab on what’s happening in the school by logging into the software from a GPRS enabled phone.

Online Workflows

Teachers and HODs collaboratively work on lesson plan documents. All report cards are edited and approved by mentor teachers before they are emailed to the parents.

Tight SMS/ eMail Integration

Parents are sent automatic updates (over eMail/ SMS) as soon as invoices are due or report cards are generated etc.

Integrated Architecture

Data once entered auto-magically reflects in all relevant modules. For instance : Sibling discount is automatically withdrawn from the younger child as soon as the elder child passes out.

Feature Rich Reports

Information is always presented as dashboards: which give you a bird’s eyes view of the school’s operations.

Saves Money

Based on an Open Source operating system(Linux) and database (mysql) : helping you save precious money.

Role based Rights Assignment

The software tightly models your existing organizational hierarchy. Users are only able to view/edit the data on which they have rights.

Lesson Plan Templates

The software comes built-in with Lesson Plan Templates which represent the best practices in school pedagogy.

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